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The documentary film, 13th points out and describes the many ways in which the media has contributed to anti-Black racism in America. In this post, we will look into the historical events that took place in the film that perpetuated anti-Black racism and we will discuss how the media feeds into anti-Black racism today. We will also look into how the media can care for Black bodies in the future and actively work on being anti-racist.

The film begins by explaining the events that happened after the end of the civil war, and it was that former slave owners went…

I looked through many celebrity social media blunders to find one that I wanted to write for this blog. When I stumbled upon the title, “Lorde posts a bathtub photo with Whitney Houston’s lyrics,” and I was baffled. Not only was this an utterly insensitive post, but it was funny how coincidental this post was. Lorde publicly apologized on her Instagram story by saying, “I was just excited to take a bath.” She had no ill will when she posted a photo of her bathtub with the caption “And iiii will always love you,” but there are steps that she…

Global News: Alley Wilson

In the age of social media, anyone can become whoever they want in the online world. When individuals use social media or dating sites to pretend to be somebody they are not, this term is coined as “Catfishing” — using social media sites and fake accounts to trick people into falling in love with your profile. I will use the Kohlberg’s stages of development and Gillian’s ethics of care to explain how catfishing is unfair, harms relationships, and is wrong in the context of forming a relationship.

First off, Heinz Dilemma determines an individual’s stage of development based on how…

This is a discussion on the case study of Carson King and the ethics of cancel culture. Carson King was a 24 years old when he requested funding for beer money (Armijo, Leake, & Stroud, 2019). He recieved more than $1 million in funds and spent it on one pack of beer. The rest he donated it to Stead Family Children’s Hospital (Armijo, Leake, & Stroud, 2019). Aaron Calvin, a reporter on Des Moises Register, uncovered old racists tweets that King published when he was 16 years old. This created a backlash and affected King’s reputation. …

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